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Post Malone’s songs Free Unused Rap Lyrics
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Free Unused Rap Lyrics

I don’t care about the money
I crave more than Bentleys
Been broke like Kenny
Dollaz won’t change me

I might not make it
My mind too faded
Fuck what you thinkin’
I will still blaze it

I’m Horace from the Harrys
My bowls get you moody
I cure with the pillies
Potions named GHB

Should I wash the blood off my hand
Should I show where I stand
Been a killer since my damn
Been a bragger since my band

I’m proud of what I am doin’
This path is my pursuing
Drugs, booze, bitches
That’s all I be doin’

1K 2K 3K
My account looks like Kim K
Counting more than Kanye
But my life won’t be on tape

I’m a baller
I throw that
I’m a hustler
I blow that

Your fucking game ain’t enough
Gotta put more on the table
If you want rocks
Man, your risking your spot

Rap isn’t about the money and the cars
It’s about the lifestyle when you don’t care
And you don’t stare while they see you up there
Reppin’ this shit even when I was down scare

Catch it
You’ll miss it
Life is fast
Fuck that ass

It’s wasn’t that bad
She wasn’t that mad
Could have let it wrap
But could get more then that

This shit was late
This shit was hate
Fuck all those bitch
I’m getting rich

Pepsi or Coke
Do I look broke
Homie you know
I’ll take the blow

Can I count on my bros
Or they’re just like the hoes
Should I be my own bro
Should I be my own hoe

It’s not about what it means
It’s all about how it feels
The beat takes you out the field
My voice makes you all empty

Been ballin’ in my Porsche
Leavin’ out in smoke
Backseat full of hoes
Fullin’ up their nose

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